We are far and away Long Island's leading producer of Craft & Street Fairs.

Although traditional Craft Vendors regularly participate at all of our events, we do not produce traditional craft shows.

All of our Craft & Gift Vendors are licensed by the New York State Sales Tax Department and are your friends and neighbors seeking to supplement their incomes as weekend entrepeneurs.

Our Vendors are committed to conducting themselves in a professional manner and we ask that all shoppers and browsers treat them in a similarly respectful manner.

Our Vendors represent an important segment of the retail landscape that is reflective of the pioneers who built and expanded the frontiers of America in the 1800's through the original market days and state fairs.

Our Events are your unique and attractive alternative to the cold and impersonal big box stores and mega malls.

Our events are all in or convenient to major local retail hubs throughout Nassau County and Queens.

Many of the dollars that we earn go back to the individual communities through direct payments to Chambers of Commerce, the Nassau County and New York City Departments of Parks & Recreation, and local charities such as Kiwanis and Lions Clubs.

We honor our Vendors by supporting all of our events with extensive multimedia marketing and advertising campaigns.

We welcome and encourage only quality vendors who have the goods, resources and savvy to offer recognizeable savings on their handmade and handpicked items in an esthetically pleasing fashion.

We would rather sit with an empty space than do business with vendors who cannot or will not invest in quality items, attractive presentations, and comply with our vendor requirements.

We encourage you to speak to our vendors to confirm that if you are serious about your business  then you cannot go wrong in doing business with us!