Merrick September Street Fair

Produced in association with the Merrick Chamber of Commerce.                          The Chamber makes all decisions regarding cancellation due to inclement weather. Attendance~With reasonably good weather 300-400 vendors and 25,000-30,000 shoppers for the two day Event.                                                                                 All decisions regarding cancellation because of inclement weather are made by the Merrick Chamber of Commerce.

VENDOR RENTAL RATES                                                                                                                Artists, Craft & Gift Vendors, Small local single location independent service companies, Nonprofit Organizations, Political Candidates & Office-Holders​​​​​​​                                                                          $170 total rent for the two-day show when paid in advance.                                                               $180 total rent for the two-day show when paid on the day of the show.                                             $90 for any one-day show or for any one day of a 2-day show when paid in advance.                     $100 for any one day when paid on the day of the show providing space is available.

Multi-Office Regional, National, or Global Professional Service Providers
$360 total rent for the two-day show                                                                                                    $210 for any one day
Food and Food Truck Vendors    SORRY, SOLD OUT                                                                                 $360 total rent for the two-day show                                                                                                   $210 for any one day
Food Trucks are given ample space with no additional fee.
Quiet generators are required.
VENDOR SET UP DETAILS                                                                                                             Vendor set up starts at 7am and continues throughout the morning hours.
GPS 1 Broadcast Plaza.                                                                             
Start, join or end the line and remain with your vehicle.                                                                          All vendors may set up set up in the Street on Merrick Avenue.                                                                Those vendors who attend year after year and wish to continue to set up in the parking lot will be accommodated.                                                                                                                                          Merrick Avenue is closed to vehicular traffic on Saturday and Sunday from 8am-6pm.
Vendor spaces on Merrick Avenue range from 10'x10' to 13'x10' depending on location restraints.
Under the direction of show management, between 7am and 8am vendors may park in a legal space next to or near their space on Merrick Avenue and unload their set ups onto the sidewalk.

On Saturday and Sunday evening vendors set up on Merrick Avenue must begin to break down their display starting at approximately 5:30 pm.

Vendors who are set up on Merrick Avenue must set up Saturday morning and must remove all items Saturday evening.
Management will do its best to give each vendor the exact same space each day.
However, it is the responsibility of each vendor to fully comply with the following requirements:
For public safety on Saturday and Sunday evening no vendor vehicle will be permitted to enter Merrick Avenue before 6:30pm at the earliest.
For public safety no vendor vehicle will be permitted to enter or leave Merrick Avenue at any time without approval from Show Management.
By order of the Merrick Police by 6pm on Saturday and Sunday all vendor set ups must be removed completely from Merrick Avenue.
The set ups may be moved onto the sidewalk for vendor convenience.