Vendor Requirements

Requirements specifically for Food Vendors appear at the bottom of this page
Our core Family of Vendors enjoys low rental rates and reaps the benefits of heavily attended events.
We believe our shows are profitable for a vast majority of our vendors because we spend lots of money on advertising, keep our expenses down, and  work together with our vendors as a unified force.
Our core Family of Vendors all join us in keeping the environment clean during and after each event, keeping each other and the public safe by properly weighting our tent legs, and in presenting booth displays that are esthetically pleasing.
All vendors are expected to be aware of and comply with all Vendor Requirements.
Non compliance could result in penalties of up to $250 as well as loss of the right to participate in our events.
All vendors are required to keep their rental space and their immediate surrounding area free and clear of all litter throughout AND at the end of the selling day, including debris that is not their own. Please let management know if another vendor is being abusive and littering the area and we will deal with them without them knowing who told us.
All food vendors are required to set up and maintain at least two full size garbage cans in their rental area.
The size of a space at every outdoor show ranges from 10'x10' to 13' wide x 12' or more deep.
Please do not set up on your own.
When you arrive find Show Management and set up under their direction.
Please familiarize yourself and your employees with all of the following Vendor Requirements.
Your employees are responsible for complying with all Vendor Requirements in your absence.
We do not require vendors to set up a canopy in their space.
Vendors must bring their own chairs, tables, and canopies since these items are not available from show management.
Electric power is generally not provided to vendors.
Vendors are welcome to use quiet generators that do not disturb their neighboring vendors.
Any and all  tables you bring must be covered with a quality material any color that reaches the floor on all four sides.
While supplies last at each of our shows, tablecloths are sold by Show Management for $20 each. 
The tablecloths we sell are trade show quality and are machine washable.
First-time vendors at one of our events may use non-complying table covers providing they are reasonably attractive.
Table covers made of bedsheets or plastic or bare tables are strictly prohibited at all times.
You are welcome but not required to set up a 10'x10' canopy in your space.
When selling outdoors, wind is a factor that must be taken into consideration. 
For public safety, in order to protect you and everyone around you, on windy days your canopy must have a minimum of 18 pounds of weight on each leg.
A canopy that is not properly weighted on a windy day can become an unguided missile that can severely damage people and property.
For public safety, your canopy will be taken down with or without your consent if it is not properly weighted.
The Palm Springs 4 Pack is the most cost efficient and effective product we have found to sufficiently anchor the four legs of your canopy on grassy or hard services.
To purchase it for about $40 online log onto or and go to Canopy Weights.
At some of our Events, including all of our Boardwalk Fairs, rope and bungee cords may be used to anchor the tents to railings.
However, all four legs of the tent must be weighted down with a minimum of 18 lbs for each leg for public safety.
Show Management is always on hand to check you in.
If anything occurs that I don't like or understand, please do notget into a confrontation or argument with anyone. Simply let management or security know about the problem.
I will keep my space clean during each show and will leave my area as clean as it was when I arrived.
I accept responsibility for cleaning up any items that are not mine that come into my space during the day.
I will prevent all paper, plastic, cardboard, and all miscellaneous matter from leaving my space, and will immediately retrieve any items that have left my space.
I will provide my own garbage bags and containers to remove all of my debris, cardboard, fixtures, food, beverage, and miscellaneous matter from the show grounds.
I will not use the show’s garbage cans to dispose of any of my items.
I will take my items and garbage with me when I leave and dispose of them elsewhere.
For public safety-- At all times, from before the event begins including during and at the end of the day under no circumstances may any vendor attempt to bring their vehicle into the vendor selling area without approval by Show Management.
I will not possess, consume or offer for sale any alcoholics, pornographic materials, counterfeit or illegal items while on show grounds.
I understand accept that I must firmly secure my canopies, frames, fixtures, display items, and other objects with heavily weighted materials such as sandbags, heavy duty spikes, cement buckets or bungee cords. I understand and accept that I must take whatever other precautions are necessary in order to prevent wind-blown items from causing personal injury to shoppers or vendors, and that I may be immediately and permanently barred from further participation as a vendor if I fail to comply.
Hawking customers, approaching customers outside of my selling area, loud music, or any other actions that legitimately disturb neighboring vendors or the general public are prohibited.
I understand and accept that I may only distribute literature from my space, and that I will not hand out literature outside of my designated selling area.
I understand and accept that if I choose to do so, I am responsible for obtaining my own liability insurance coverage for my personal items, and that any items I leave at my space overnight are not the responsibility of AlansFair, Inc., Nassau County Craft Shows or any entity managing or owning any show we produce.
I agree to hold harmless the following individuals, groups, organizations for any and all harm and damage to myself, my personal and business items- AlansFair, Alan Finchley, Nassau County Craft Shows, Long Island Street Fairs, Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation & Museums, all Nassau County Chambers of Commerce, New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, National Gateway Parks, all Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, Broadway Mall as well as any and all other hosting entities not mentioned herein.
Any vendor offering illegal or counterfeit or bootleg items will be immediately required to break down their display and vacate their space.There will be no refund or credit issued to offenders.
All items offered for sale must conform to Family Values.
Misleading sales tactics are prohibited. For example, selling 'Murano' glass jewelry for $10 or less is misleading because legitimate Murano glass sells for well over $50.
Under no circumstances may "SALE" signs be displayed that indicate items are being sold as "special sale" or "10-20-30-40-50, etc % off", or anything resembling "final sale" or "closeout sale" or "show sale" or "going out of business sale".
Items made by people in foreign countries working in sweat factories for pennies do not qualify as handmade and may not be sold at our shows.
I will not offer any items for sale for below $5 per item. Exceptions to this rule must be obtained from Show Management.
All vendors are expected to be comply with show management's public safety directives if arriving late or leaving early.
All events are advertised rain or shine.
No refunds or credits to vendors for rent paid.
We never cancel an event prior to its scheduled date.
Vendors and shoppers decide for themselves if they wish to come to the event.
We never schedule a back-up 'Rain Date' for any event for what we consider very good reasons.
Vendors are welcome to discuss our reasons with us at any time.
For all events, space will be rented until we are sold out.
Only vendors who prepay will be guaranteed space.

In addition to the above requirements, all Food vendors selling at all of our Shows in Nassau County must be licensed by the Nassau County Health Department.
Please contact them directly to answer any of your questions. 
200 County Seat Drive, Mineola NY 11501.
Phone 516-227-9717.
The above applies to vendors selling hot and cold food, hot and cold beverages, and to prepackaged food or beverage vendors offering taste samples.

Food vendors selling at the Rockaway Beach Super Boardwalk Fair must be licensed by the Queens County Health Department.