2019 Rockaway Beach Boardwalk Fairs

Art, Craft, Gift, Prepackaged Food, Public Officers, Worthwhile Charities    
$160 total rent for the two-day show when paid in advance.
$175 total rent for the two-day show when paid on the day of the show if space available.
$90 for any one day when paid in advance.
$100 for any one day when paid on the day of the show if space available.
Year round Rockaway residents and stores are entitled to a 50% discount off the rates given above.
Service Vendors 
$360 total rent for the two-day show when paid in advance.
$210 for any one day when paid in advance.
Food and Food Truck Vendors prohibited by the Parks Department.
All events are rain or shine with no rain date.
Prepayment is required to guarantee space at any event.
Please go to VENDOR APPLICATION~HOW TO RENT SPACE to prepay for space.
We do not offer credits or refunds.
Vendors who attempt to rent space on the day of an event will be accepted unless we are sold out of space or sold out of their category.
5th Annual Rockaway Beach Boardwalk Craft & Gift Fair

Produced in association with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation
Attendance~With reasonably good weather 50-100 vendors and 10,000-15,000 shoppers for each two day Event.
At this time vendor space is still available.
Rockaway Beach and the Boardwalk attract millions of visitors each year. 
Recently, the destination has become well known for its Boardwalk Street Fairs and varied concessions along the boardwalk, which sell food and drinks from around the world.
There is now ferry service between the South Street Seaport in Manhattan and B.108 Street in Rockaway Beach.
This ferry service is bringing thousands of new visitors to the Rockaway Boardwalk every hour.​


Vendor spaces are 12' wide x 10' deep.

Vendors may have difficulty finding nearby parking unless they arrive early.

When you arrive you may not go onto the Boardwalk until you have  unloaded everything from your vehicle onto the sidewalk and parked your vehicle.

After parking your vehicle you are welcome to begin bringing your items onto the Boardwalk at which time you will be assigned a space by our staff.

Please do not set up on your own on the Boardwalk

Please be prepared with a handtruck or dolly to bring your items onto the Boardwalk.

We will have personnel to help but we cannot possibly help everybody at the same time.


Vendor set up begins Saturday morning at 7am and Sunday starting at 7:30am.

When you arrive to set up please unload your vehicle and find a parking space.

If you have a passanger they may go onto the Boardwalk to get their space while the driver unloads the vehicle.

Our staff will be there to watch you items while you park.

​Vendor vehicles may not be driven onto the Boardwalk.

Vendors may leave their set up overnight at their own risk.

In order to be guaranteed the same location the following day, vendors must leave something in their space overnight so that management knows it is reserved.If you have paid for only Saturday you may get the same space for Sunday simply by following the steps listed above and Management will come by on Sunday to collect your rent for the day.

The NYC Parks Department prohibits vendors from using plastic bags.
Vendors must use paper or other recyclable material.
GPS 94-00 Shore Front Parkway Rockaway Beach NY 11691
Belt Parkway to Exit 17S (Rockaways).
Take Woodhaven Boulevard/Crossbay Boulevard south
After crossing Cross Bay Bridge follow signs to Shore Front Parkway to B. 94 Street