Rain Dates, Cancellations, Refunds, Credits


We rarely schedule a formal rain date.
Most of our events are advertised rain or shine.
*Please note that some of our events are not produced by us.
As a brief explanation, we are in the business of providing profitable quality events for our vendors.
In  some cases we produce the event ourselves and have complete control of all details of the event.
In other cases we are asked bo bring in vendors to events that are produced by others.
In these other cases we have no control over the details of the event.

We never cancel an event based on a weather forecast.
We never cancel our advertising based on a weather forecast.
Regardless of the weather we always are on site to greet vendors at the promised time.
On those days when the weather forecast is uncertain it is up to individual vendors and shoppers
to decide for themselves if they wish to attend.
The earliest we will cancel an event is the morning of the day of the show and the forecast is continued bad weather for the rest of the day.

As a rule we do not offer full refunds or credits unless a show date has been cancelled or changed in advance of the scheduled date for non-weather related reasons.
There are three exceptions to this rule:
1. If a vendor has a change of circumstances we will gladly switch dates with no additional fee up
to one week prior to the event.
2. We will allow vendors who have paid in advance for Saturday only for a two-day show to attend for free on Sunday if Saturday was cancelled because of inclement weather.
3. If an event is cancelled for weather related reasons we will offer a vendor a choice between the
two following options:
A) A $25 credit for any other event in the same calendar year
B) A second free space for any Saturday or Sunday in the same calendar year.
If an event has been cancelled it is not necessary for a vendor to attend in order to receive the credit or extra space.
We never issue credits or refunds to vendors who do not attend a show that has not been cancelled.

Thank you!
Team Nassau