Nassau County Marketplace in Merrick

Sunday August 25     10am-5pm.​​​​​​
Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2019 2:30 PM
To: Alan Finchley <>


Congratulations on a successful Grand opening of the new Merrick Market.

I have spoken to a few vendors and they all said there was good traffic and sales were good.

This market is just what i have been looking for to service my Nassau county customers on a regular basis.

Thank you for creating another opportunity for us vendors.


Eric Kunz

Seemore Gardens 

​​​​​​​Tuesday, June 25, 2019 8:34 AM
Subject: Re: June 29-30 Vendor Opportunities

Congratulations on a successful grand opening of The Marketplace this

past Sunday. I heard good things about it from many

of the vendors who participated this weekend. Bob & I have

a few events that we are obligated to do in the next few

weeks but hope to join you in the near future. Wishing you

continued success!


Florence & Bob @ FLOBOcreations​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Wed 6/26/2019 4:25 PM                                                                                                                          To:                                                                                                           Subject: Re: June 29-30 Vendor Opportunities



Randy Shotand

in Association with the Merrick Chamber of Commerce to benefit their members and community. All Chamber Members wishing to participate in the Marketplace are encouraged to inquire about special discounted Chamber members rental rates.
Rent by the Day or Rent by the Month​​​​​​​
Rent by the Day or Rent by the Month​​​​​​​
Vendor Rental Details                                                                                                                                All spaces are up to 18' wide x up to 25' deep.                                                                                       We do our best to accommodate larger vans or trucks within a single space.                                          Vendors may park their vehicle directly behind their space.
Rental Rates                                                                                                                                   Artists, Craft & Gift Vendors, Small local single location independent service companies, Nonprofit Organizations, Political Candidates & Office-Holders,                                                                                                                                                                                                                           $45 per Sunday when paying in advance                                                                                          $50 per Sunday when paying on the day of the Show                                                                               $35 per Sunday when paying in advance 4 Sundays at a time                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Multi-Office Regional, National, Global Professional Service Providers, Food Trucks                      $90 per Sunday when paying in advance                                                                                      $100 per Sunday when paying on the day of the Show                                                                            $70 per Sunday when paying in advance 4 Sundays at a time.  
Merrick Chamber of Commerce members $25per Sunday.                                                               
Multi-Office Regional, National, Global Professional Service Providers                                            $90 per Sunday when paying in advance by the month                                                                 $100 per Sunday when renting one Sunday at a time                                                                            $5 for one addiitional single space for a vehicle AND OR a 10' x' 10' tent      
Food Trucks Are Welcome                                                                                                                        Daily Renters $105 per Sunday when paying in advance by the month                                            $125 per Sunday when renting one Sunday at a time                                                                                Sorry, Food Vendors selling from tables are prohibited by the Nassau County Health Department. 
  • Bring an umbrella and hat in case it's lightly raining or very hot and put on your favorite walking shoes while you take a break from online clicking and impersonal Big Box Store shopping.
  • We are a refreshing shopping alternative where you can get some fresh air, meet your friends and family, check out all the other beautiful people, all while shopping for unique and or unusual hard to find items at easy on your wallet prices.
  • Artists and Crafters offer their handmade treasures.
  • New Merchandise Vendors and Quality Antique Dealers offer their handpicked collections.       
  • ​​​​​​​Professional Service representatives offer terrific deals on products and services for your home, business and lifestyle. 
  • On many Sundays enjoy live music .
  • ​​​​​​​We are truly FAMILY SHOPPING FUN
  • Our Marketplace is brand new.
  • There has never been anything like it on Long Island.
  • Previously Long Island vendors had to travel each week to a different location.
  • We have room for hundreds of vendors, but we don't expect to start out using our full capacity.
  • So, Come Watch Us Grow
  • With your support we can build a Marketplace that will last for generations.
  • And don't forget, the downtown Merrick shopping district is only one short block away.
  • Room for over 300 Vendors
  • Ample Free Parking and Free Admission for the public
  • Highly visible convenient location featuring easy enter/exit on extremely busy Highway in upscale community in the heart of Nassau County
  • Artists, Crafters, New Merchandise Vendors, Quality Antique Dealers, ​​​​​​​Home, business & lifestyle Professional Services
  • Farm & Garden Center most Sundays
  • New Vendors arrive every week​​​​​​​
  • Portable bathrooms​​​​​​​
Town Of Hempstead Municipal Parking Field M-7                                                                                GPS 2222 Sunrise Highway, Merrick NY 11566                                                                                      3/4 mile long on Sunrise Highway from Hewlett Avenue to Henry Street                                                   Meadowbrook Parkway Exit M8 East 1/2 Mile on Left                                                                  Wantagh Parkway Exit W5 West 2 Miles on Right                                                                                      Between Bellmore and the Meadowbrook Parkway                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          VENDOR SET UP INSTRUCTIONS 
  • Vendor line-up starts at 7am and continues throughout the morning hours.
  • The line-up starts at the east end of the Marketplace on Sunrise Highway at the Henry Street Entrance.
  • GPS 2222 Sunrise Highway, Merrick New York 11566 
  • While on line please remain with your vehicle and be patient.
  • Please do not set up on your own. 
  • Management is always on hand and will assist in selecting your space location.
  • Space assigned on a first come basis
  • There are no 'better' or 'worse spaces.
  • Only monthly renters can reserve a specific space location.
  • After vendors are in their spaces at approximately 8am Management will visit every vendor to greet pre-paid Monthly Vendors and collect cash from Daily Vendors                                           
  • The Marketplace does not provide any tables, chairs or tents
  • Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tablles, chairs, or 10'x10' tents.
  • Vendors are not required to set up a tent if they don't wish to. 
  • With no exception on windy days all canopies must be weighted down with a minimum of 18 pounds on each of the four legs to prevent injuries from flying canopies. 
  • For public safety Management may require a vendor to take down their tent if it's not properly weighted down on a windy day​​​​​​​ 
  • Merchandise tables must be covered with a quality material.
  • Marketplace management sells Trade Show Quality 6' Table Covers for $20                          
  • With no exception all generators must be silent and not disturb neighboring vendors        
  • With no exception no vendor vehicle will be permitted to enter or leave the Marketplace when public safety is at risk         
  • With no exception all vendors must remove their own garbage unless arrangements have been made with Management