Santa's Gift Shoppes

Basic electric for vendors is included for all spaces, meaning that there is limited power available for each vendor.
Basic electric means that you will have enough power only to plug in portable lighting to highlight your items, run a cash register and a card processing terminal.
Vendors should bring an extension cord at least 25' long and a surge protector.
In addition to or instead of tables, vendors may place professional, new or like new racks, display cases or any other retail fixture.

$100 per day for one 4'-6' table
$30 per day or each additional 4'-6' table
Maximum three tables
$200 per day for each 4'-6' table
$50 per day for one additional 4'-6' table
Maximum two tables
Please make sure that any people who will be staffing your booth are totally familiar and comply with all of the information below.
Violation of Mall Policy can result in penalties by Mall Management that we have no control of.
You may come to set up your space either the night before or the morning of your first day of selling.
If you wish to set up the night before please come into the store 15 minutes before the Mall closes to speak to our Manager to arrange exactly where your space will be.
If you wish to set up the morning of your first day please arrive 45 minutes before the Mall opens to speak to our Manager to arrange exactly where your space will be.
If you have difficulty in getting into the mall after it closes or before it opens please call us
516-442-6000 or 516-426-8394.
If it is helpful you may bring your tables or any other display material to the store any night when the mall closes and leave it in our storage room for no additional fee.
This could be beneficial if you are delayed in arriving since you are not permitted to bring fixtures in or out of the Mall during Mall hours.
Vendors are also prohibited by the Mall to have hand trucks or dollies on the floor of the Mall during Mall hours.
Do not set up on your own.
Setting up or breaking down of booths must be done before or after Mall hours and must be coordinated with Show Management.
During the hours that the Mall is open all boxes, supplies, dollies, hand trucks, etc. must be stored out of sight under your table.
Your booth does not necessarily have to be staffed, but a closed booth is not allowed.
If you have tables or displays at your space they must be covered with your company logo or your company literature--having a table in your booth with only a table cover is a violation and will not be permitted.
In order to be in compliance with all requirements vendors not wishing to open for entire days may remove all items from their booth the last night before they will not be setting up and may return the night before their next selling day to set up.
Chairs may not be placed in the aisle. They must be kept inside the selling area.
All Vendors and their staff must be dressed professionally.
The Mall enforces a dress code that must be complied with by all vendors and their staff.
Specifically, jeans and tank tops are prohibited.
All Vendors are prohibited from calling out to customers or soliciting customers as they go by.
Violation of this requirement may result in the immediate loss of space with no compensation.
Any closed booth may be fined by the Mall and all items dismantled and placed in storage pending payment of the Mall penalty.
Vendors are responsible for providing all of their own display materials.
Vendors setting up on tables are required to use Show Management approved Trade Show quality black table covers that reach the floor on all four sides of every table.
Approved table covers are available at each show from Show Management:
Regular Floor Length Trade Show Quality Fitted Covers- 4' or 6' or 8' covers for $20 each.
Small Floor Length Trade Show Quality Unfitted Covers for 3' square tables for $10 each.
Decorative table covers are permitted to be placed on top of the black table covers.
Bare tables, plastic, bed sheets are strictly prohibited.
Handmade signs are strictly prohibited. Vendors should use their computers or a professional sign maker.
Handmade signs will be removed by the Mall or Show Management

After Mall hours enter through the Main entrance next to Panera Bread.
If for any reason you cannot enter please call us 516-442-6000.
GPS 1100 Broadway Mall, Hicksville NY 11801