Molloy College Halloween Fun Festival Est. 2009

Space will be rented on a first come basis to the first 35 vendors.
Food trucks are already in place and no new food vendors will be permitted.
Vendors set up on grass in front of the entrance to Madison Theatre.
Vendor set up any time between 9am-10:45am.
Families will start to arrive around 11am
Vendors unload at or near their space.
Vendor parking is just steps away in the College Parking lot.
All Vendor spaces are 10'10'.
If a canopy is set up it must be weighted down with at least 18 pounds on each of the four legs.

This is a very well attended diversified family event that is allowing outside vendors in for the first time.
For public safety, at the end of the day vendors will not be permitted to bring their vehicles to or near their space until the area is clear