Glen Cove Street Fair Established 2018

The Street Fair is held 10am-5pm.
Vendors set up on Glen Street and School Street nestled in between ample free Municipal Parking in the heart of the Glen Cove Shopping District.
in the event of inclement weather the Fair will be held in the adjacent Pulaski Street Municipal Garage on the first floor.
Produced in asssociation with the City of Glen Cove.
Attendance~With reasonably good weather 100-150 vendors and 5,000-10,000 shoppers for the two day Event.
The event is heavily advertised and feature live music, bus tours, food trucks, entertainment,and children's bounce houses.
Free Admission and plenty of Free Parking.
Art, Craft, Gift, Prepackaged Food, Public Officers, Worthwhile Charities    
$90 when paid in advance
$100 when paid on the day of the show if space is available.
Service & All Food Vendors including Food Trucks. 
GPS 1 Bridge Street, Glen Cove 11542.
Enter from 107 and check in on Bridge Street.
Please do not set up or park on your own.
Upon arrival you will be directed to your selling area.
Under the direction of Show Management after you have arrived at your selling area we request that you unload and move your vehicle as soon as possible.
You will be able to unload at or very near your actual space.
You will be given a Vendor Parking Pass that will be your Free Municipal Parking document.
After parking your vehicle you may return to your space and complete setting up your booth.
Vendor spaces are 13'x10' with no space between each vendor.
Vendors may arrive as early as 7am and under the direction of show management park in a legal space and unload their items onto the sidewalk.
The streets will be closed to vehicular traffic on Saturday night.
Vendors who have rented for Saturday and Sunday may leave their set up Saturday night but must remove their merchandise and other valuables.
Vendor's tents will be required to be moved onto the sidewalk Saturday night and should be collapsed and bunjeed for the night.
On Sunday evening vendors may be required to begin breaking down their set up as early  as 5:30 pm in anticipation of the streets being reopened for vehicular traffic.
Management will do its best to give each vendor the exact same space each day.
However, it is the responsibility of each vendor to fully comply with the following requirements:
On Saturday and Sunday morning no vendor vehicle will be permitted to enter or remain in the Street Fair area past 9:45am.
At no time will any vendor vehicle will be permitted to enter or leave the Street Fair area while people are still in the area.
After or before hours vendor set ups may be directed to be moved onto the sidewalk as required for public safety concerns.
In order to be guaranteed the same location the following day, vendors must leave something in their space overnight so that management knows it is reserved.
If you have paid for only Saturday you may get the same space for Sunday simply by following the steps listed above.
Management will come by on Sunday to collect your rent for the day.
GPS 1 Glen Street, Glen Cove 11542.
Downtown Glen Cove.    
Ample nearby free parking is available throughout downtown Glen Cove.  
Intersections of Glen Street/School Street and Bridge Street, Glen Cove, New York 11542
It is at the “End” of Rte 107 which terminates at a “T” intersection in front of the Glen Cove Firehouse.
Connect to Long Island Expressway (LIE) Eastbound and follow directions below.
FROM THE LIE:                  
Take LIE East to Exit 39, Glen Cove Road. After exiting make a left turn at the light onto Glen Cove Road (Northbound). Take Glen Cove Road North for 6.5 miles to its end. 
(note: In going North on Glen Cove Rd you will get to the intersection of Northern Blvd at 1.9 miles. Continue across then for the additional 4.6 miles to the destination).
Take LIE to Exit 41 (Rte 107) North. 
Travel 4 miles North on 107 to intersection of Northern Blvd. 
Continue Straight on Rte 107 which will ultimately feed you into Glen Cove Road (at that point also known as Rte 107). 
Take it straight to the end. You will be at the destination.
Take Oyster Bay Line --- to the GLEN STREET Station.  (note, this is the first of the two stations in the City of Glen Cove.)
From the Station it is a walk of 8/10th mile straight along Glen Street, to the center of downtown and the center point of the street fair.
Please make note......... for clarity to anyone coming by train, that there are two stations
in Glen Cove, with similar names: Glen Street Station and Glen Cove Station.
GLEN STREET STATION  - is the slightly closer, but more direct route (and along Glen Street) station to use.  Its a straight walk along Glen Street until you hit the carnival rides and then the vendors.